Want to Dive Deeper?


Become A

Certified 13-Chakra Energy System Practitioner

Want to Dive Deeper?


Become A

Certified 13-Chakra Energy System Practitioner

“I couldn't wait to get certified!”

Discovering Rainey's 13-Chakra Practitioner Certification Course was like the light bulb going on for my whole being. It made so much sense!

Gwen Lepard

Luminary, Award-Winning International Bestselling Author, and Creator of the Lepard Method

LeArn HOW To. . .

  • Serve at a higher level, making a greater impact on the world around you.

  • Expand upon your knowledge of the historic 7-chakra system.

  • Add the 13 Chakra Energy System to your spiritual toolkit.

  • Expand your client base by offering more to your clients.

  • Step into the New Earth prepared, present, and with expanded vision.

  • Get bigger results for your clients.

  • Elevate your consciousness by expanding your knowledge.

  • Be of greater service to your patients, clients, friends & family members.

  • Deepen your healing/service practice.

  • Integrate this new information with the techniques and practices already in place in your current healing practice.

  • Become an industry leader and a 13 CHAKRA WIZARD!

  • Apply the wisdom of the 13 Chakras in your own life for extraordinary results!

Here IS  What You Get. . .

  • LIFE ALTERING INFORMATION - 5 weeks overflowing with life-transforming content!!!

  • Cutting edge material!! Access information on the forefront of the health, wellbeing, self improvement, new thought, and spirituality industries.

  • Attract greater abundance, joy, loving relationships, health, and satisfaction into your life with the tools and information you will learn in this course.

  • Gain access to some of the most energetically potent information available. Share it with your friends, family, colleagues, and clients. Witness their lives transforming.

  • Learn new ways to strengthen, clear, and cleanse your chakras so that your life flows easily and effortlessly in your favor.

  • Learn how to apply the 13 Chakra Energy System to your spiritual/healing practice, using real life examples.

  • Become a leader in your field! Become a source of wisdom and inspiration to your family and friends!

  • Gain greater insight into your own body and the messages you are receiving from each of the 13 Chakras, so that you are living in optimum health, vitality, and harmony.

  • Weekly quizzes to achieve certification level.

  • A beautiful, full color certificate to hang on your wall.


Packed Full of Juicy Content!

Week OneOverview

In the first week of our 13 Chakra Energy System Practitioner Certification Course, we discuss the benefits of learning the 13-Chakra System, why this information is so important now, how the 13 Chakra system builds upon the traditional 7 chakra system, and also what practitioner certification means for you. We review all 13 Chakras, identifying location, color, and purpose of each. In this week we also touch on how to activate and energize your 13-Chakra Rainbow Energy Bubble Protective Shield. Finally, we reflect upon the 13 Chakra Intentions and their deeper connection to overall peace and wellbeing.

Week TwoCHAKRAS 1-4

In week two, we review the lower four chakras, connected with the metals of the Earth—Silver, Bronze, Gold and Copper. We learn how these lower four chakras are intricately linked to grounding and protection. We discuss how these formerly missing chakras have been virtually erased from collective consciousness, causing humanity to walk around disconnected and unprotected. Finally, with attention on these lower four chakras, we speak our chakra intentions.

Week ThreeCHAKRAS 5-8

Week three’s materials include Chakras 5-8, beginning with the Manifestation Chakra and moving up to the Heart Chakra. Clarification and new details are given for each chakra including the colors, energies, intentions, and elements that make up each one. Gain a new understanding and interpretation of each of these four chakras, as you explore these chakras from an entirely new perspective. Learn how in the higher dimensions of Earth living, light comes IN through the Solar Plexus Chakra and then goes OUT through the Heart Chakra, transmuting light to love and spreading high vibrational energy across the Earth. Also learn why there is a new color, description and intention associated with the Heart Chakra.

Week FourCHAKRAS 9-13

Chakras 9-13 are the focus of week four, including the introduction of two new chakras—the Breath Chakra (9th) and the Harmony Chakra (11th). Learn why the Heart and Breath Chakras have been confused in the past. Discover the fundamental importance of breath and why proper breathing is essential in the higher frequencies. Learn the difference between speaking your truth and sounding your signature vibration. Discover how sound is a fundamental tool for the act of creation and how there is power in every word you speak. Explore how and why the sensations of hearing and smell are important for higher dimensional living. Learn the best ways to purify, cleanse, energize and amplify these four chakras. We conclude our journey through the chakras with the Crown Chakra (13th) and the full activation of the rainbow bubble of protective light.

Week FiveIntegration

In our final week of practitioner certification training, we take a look at practical applications of the 13 Chakra information in your healing practice and everyday life. Deepen your understanding of various physical and emotional ailments of the body as we discuss how they are actually signals meant to be interpreted through the 13 Chakra Energy System. We take several real life examples that healing practitioners may potentially face and discuss how to interpret signs and signals using the traditional 7 chakra system and also the new 13 Chakra Energy System. Take one final quiz at the end of our session and you can begin to enhance your healing practice by sharing the 13 chakras with your clients and friends. Congratulations! You are now officially a 13 Chakra Energy System CERTIFIED Practitioner!!!! Display your beautiful certificate for all of your clients to see!

Your Fast Action Bonuses

 Bonus #1 


Receive a full-color, high resolution Key of Truth Mandala from my award-winning book, The Water Code—Unlocking the Truth Within. This powerful mandala has been highly praised for its sacred geometric wisdom and soft healing energy. Use it to increase focus, concentration, motivation, expansion, and to gain access to higher wisdom. For optimal results, meditate on this mandala for at least 5 minutes/day.

 Bonus #2 

A 15-minute Guided Meditation with the Whales

Close your eyes and take a meditative journey with the wise and magical humpback whales, as I lead you through a 15-minute guided meditation to unlock, uncover and reveal hidden truths that are ready to be consciously examined. Fall into a state of blissful peace and meditative euphoria in this oceanic journey into the depths of your soul. Emerge refreshed, rejuvenated and completely at peace. Experience greater harmony in your relationships, increased financial flow, expanded vision, more creativity, and enhanced self love.

 Bonus #3 

Radiant Opus Digital Copy

Receive a FREE digital copy of Rainey’s bestselling ebook, Radiant Opus—Healing Our Universe Through Harmony!


RADIANT OPUS explores life-altering topics such as the meaning of life, the mythology of death, and the fundamental principles of liberty, harmony, and truth. . . all in a simple, easy-to-read, Q&A format that will stretch the edges of your imagination, satiate your thirst for new information, and nourish your soul.


I liked how each week was paced so I had plenty of time to integrate and understand the material. Best of all the certification was affordable and already very useful for me personally. For one thing, I feel almost immune to energy vampires and dark entities now. My auric shield is so much stronger now. Thank you, Rainey, for this offering!

John Haynes


Get Ready TO Take Your

Understanding of the Chakras to the Next Level...


Rave Reviews!

Benoit LeChevallier


“I am thankful to Rainey for bringing us clarity and tools for our individual and collective awakening. Perfect timing as always!”

John A. Price


“Rainey represents a rare combination of intelligence, insight, integrity, compassion, and pure intention.”

Lori Granito


“I have been so impressed with her depth of knowledge, compassionate guidance, and genuine care for the results her clients achieve… I feel confident recommending Rainey!”


Claudiu Murgan


“I have read Rainey’s books, including Divine Macroverse and more recently, The Water Code—Unlocking the Truth Within and was quite impressed with the wealth of knowledge put into both of those books… Highly recommend!”

Meet  Rainey

Rainey Marie Highley

Author, Life Coach, and 

Soul Tribe Teacher & Guide

Sedona, Arizona USA

Hi. My name is Rainey Highley. I am thrilled you are considering my 13 Chakra Practitioner Certification Program.


As a two-time best-selling author, Authenticity Life Coach, and Soul Tribe Teacher & Guide, I help clients off of the hamster wheel of repetitive living and guide them into the realm of Possibility, Expansion, Freedom, and Authentic Living.


As a result of working with me, clients are able to: 

  • Shed societal programming

  • Accelerate their spiritual growth

  • Awaken to their soul’s mission, and

  • Grow in happiness, confidence, strength and courage.

They remember that they came here for a purpose and they live it.


My own journey to authenticity began over 25 years ago after graduating from one of the USA’s top law schools and embarking on a career as a law firm attorney. After only 18 months and a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right, I left the practice of law to discover my authentic calling. There had to be something out there that would stir my soul in a deep, meaningful way, I thought.


This desire led me to travel the world and write books. My journey took me from living in Melbourne, Australia to swimming with humpback whales in the Silver Bank to hugging African elephants in Johannesburg to meditating inside of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. . . I decided to turn my dreams into reality by saying YES to adventure in my life. I moved to Sedona. I went skydiving. I swam with sharks. I conquered breast cancer. I became a hot yoga instructor. I published 7 books on spiritual topics I love.

What I discovered was that my soul had been longing for a spiritual journey. It wasn’t about “finding my purpose” like so many talk about it. It was way bigger than that.


It was about finding my soul mission.


Now, looking back, I have no idea how I found the courage to climb out of the matrix on my own, but I am so glad I did. This leap of faith opened the floodgates to such an overwhelming sense of joy, freedom, relief, and euphoria that I decided to dedicate my life to helping others gain that same sense of fulfillment through life coaching and soul tribe teaching/guidance.

“I help clients off the hamster wheel of repetitive living and guide them into the realm of Possibility, Expansion, Freedom, and Authentic Living.”

~ Rainey

Books By Rainey

Expand your healing practice by offering your clients a 13-Chakra clearing from a CERTIFIED 13-Chakra Practitioner (YOU!).

13 Chakra Energy System


My prayer for you is that you are led by the gentle wisdom of your heart, guided by the eternal wisdom of your higher self, and that you always, always, ALWAYS, follow your highest path. May this 13-Chakra Practitioner Certification course magnetically and energetically attract the right students, the right teachers, the right practitioners, the right spiritual leaders, the right healers...all who can be impacted, helped, or transformed by this material to this course. So be it. So it is.


With Love & Gratitude,

~ Rainey