Close Your Eyes, Relax,

Let Me Do All

the Work...

Close Your Eyes, Relax,

Let Me Do All

the Work...

In Under One  Hour...

  • Clear, energize and activate all 13 chakras.

  • Feel more balanced, grounded and present.

  • Experience greater relaxation and increased peace.

  • Balance and strengthen your auric field.

  • Create and energize a strong protective shield.

  • Enjoy new self confidence, strength and courage.

  • Feel awake, clear, alive and conscious!

Rainey's 13-Chakra Guided Meditation

  • Cleanse, clear & activate all 13 chakras.

  • Restore formerly “missing” chakras.

  • Protect yourself from energy vampires and negative energy.

  • Gain confidence, control and balance in your life.

  • Become a new thought leader in your industry.

  • Re-emerge feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Finally feel energetically clean, clear, balanced, energized, and full of light!

13 ChaKra Guided Meditation

I created it for people like you and me…

  • People looking to expand their spiritual toolkit with new information.

  • People ready to step into 5D Earth with new spiritual tools.

  • People expecting transformation.

  • People committed to excellence.

  • People ready to receive.

13 Chakra Guided Meditation

with Bestselling Author, Spiritual Life Coach, and Soul Tribe Teacher & Guide

Your spiritual mentor, Rainey 

Want Radical Transformation IN UNDER AN HOUR?

Here's What You Get In Rainey's 

13 Chakra Guided Meditation

  • Learn about the formerly missing 5 chakras.

  • Find out how the 13 Chakra System builds upon the historic 7 chakra system.

  • Visualize and activate 13 bubbles of healing, colorful energy surrounding the physical body.

  • Discover why these formerly missing chakras are essential to your 5D spiritual toolkit.

  • Integrate and activate a Rainbow Bubble of Protective Energy around the body.

  • Review the purpose, color, and intention of each of the 13 chakras.

  • Relax and listen to the 13 Chakra Intentions, allowing the subconscious mind to absorb the wisdom.​

  • Gain life transforming wisdom and cutting edge information, all while sitting back, relaxing, and letting me do all the work.


Rainey's Meditation

Jon McMahon


“I listen to Rainey’s 13-Chakra Guided Meditation every morning. It puts me in the right frame of mind to move forward with my day. I love knowing that my protective shield is energized and activated!”

Jenny Weaver


“Rainey’s 13-Chakra Guided Meditation takes me from totally stressed to completely relaxed in no time! Every time I listen, I fall asleep. When I wake up, all of my chakras are clean and clear!”


ARE You Ready TO

Sit Back, Relax, and Let Me Do All the Work?

13 Chakra GUided Meditation


My prayer for you is that you receive the transformation you are seeking easily, effortlessly and with the greatest degree of enjoyment. May you be lifted on the wings of angels, supported by your cosmic soul family, and guided by the intuitive wisdom of your higher self. With consistent practice and regular listening, I know this meditation can radically transform your health, finances, relationships and spirituality! So be it. So it is.

With Love & Gratitude,

~ Rainey